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Potter’s Heart Ministry desires to reach out to the incarcerated with love through the mail using Isaiah 35:3 as our foundation for action.  Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.”   Our pen-pal’s sole purpose will be to strengthen and encourage their pen-pal.  In order to enjoy a long lasting, safe, and productive relationship, we have created simple guidelines for our pen-pals to follow.

These guidelines have been developed after years of experience of corresponding with inmates all over the country and with the help of other ministries who provide pen-pal services.  Staying within these guidelines will assure those involved of an incredible blessing by ministering to Jesus’ Body Behind Bars!  Please read carefully and step out and become a pen pal today!

  • · Use a P. O. Box or Church address for correspondence
  • · Use a nickname if possible
  • · Send only letters or cards
  • · Keep letters light, encouraging and positive
  • · Show interest in all things, not only those that are “spiritual”
  • · Find out birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and be sure to send cards on those occasions
  • · Do Not send money or gifts, facilities have specific ways inmates receive money or gifts

If you feel a relationship is being misinterpreted kindly sever it and report your concerns.   When in doubt ask!  If we do not know the answer, we will find out.

GOD Bless You !!!
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