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Potter’s Heart Ministry writes, publishes, and distributes free Biblically-Based study workbooks to inmates and chaplains. All studies are suitable for individual or group study.  Each book is a story woven with scripture and personal reflection exercises to engage the student in their own recovery from the debilitating trauma of rejection, fear, anger, and lack of purpose that incarceration creates.

Potter’s Heart Ministry provides Leader’s guide tips and certificates of completion to facilities that would like to incorporate Chaplain Potter’s Help! I’m Locked up series in their faith-based initiatives.

Help! I’m Locked up and I Need Hope This study focuses on Hosea, chapter 2, providing the student a foundational understanding of God’s redemptive purposes in allowing their incarceration.  Through intensive reflection exercises, the student is offered the opportunity to view incarceration as a time to reflect, grow, and change.  The student comes away from this study with increased hope, a profound understanding of the God Who never leaves them, and freedom from things that caused their incarceration.  A must for anyone experiencing hopelessness and the feeling of abandonment from God. 23 Hope-Filled Chapters 130 pages  8 1/2 x 11 soft cover textbook. HELP! I’m Locked up and I Need Hope Purchase CLICK HERE

Help! I’m Locked up…Who Am I?  Inmate Alex Hudson shares his journey of coming to know who he is in Christ. He tells his story of survival, redemption, and victory through sharing journals and letters he wrote while in prison. Men and women of all ages learn how to see themselves as God sees them, bringing hope, destiny, and purpose into their lives while incarcerated.  Intensive personal reflection exercises woven in with scripture helps the student shake off false identities and take on their identity in Christ. Serious students come away from this study with a new perspective on themselves and the God Who created them. 17 eye – opening, identity-revealing chapters. 135 pages  8 1/2 x 11 soft cover textbook.  Available on – Who Am I? – CLICK HERE

Help! I’m Locked up and I Need Peace…Extinguishing the Volcano Within.  This study deals with anger, it’s root causes, and Biblical solutions for overcoming this debilitating emotion.  Alex Hudson continues his story to engage the student in recognizing the triggers and roots of their own anger, leading them toward forgiveness and freedom. Personal reflection exercises and scripture study brings the student face to face with their need for help and the God Who can help them. This study is written for men and women of all ages who seek deliverance from internal conflict, anger, and rage. 11 intense, thought-provoking anger- demolishing chapters.  130 pages  8 1/2 x 11 soft cover textbook.   Available on – I Need Peace – CLICK HERE

Help! I’m Locked up and Created for So Much More!  The foundation of this study is Ephesians 2:10. We are created in Christ Jesus for His purposes.  Alex, and his friend, Hillbilly, share with the student their struggles, slips and falls, and ultimate victory in overcoming all that has held them back from their God-ordained destinies.  Personal reflection exercises and scripture are woven into this hope-filled story of lives and destinies changed by the power of God. Serious students will come away from this study with vision and hope for their own God-ordained destiny and purpose while incarcerated. 10 action-packed, destiny-driven chapters 140 pages 8 1/2 x 11 soft cover textbook. Available on – Created For So Much More – CLICK HERE

For more information on implementing Help! I’m Locked up series program at your corrections facility, please contact Chaplain Lynn Potter: or Potter’s Heart Ministry PO BOX 11 York, SC 29745.

To preview inside these life-changing study workbooks, please visit Amazon. com.  All four books are listed there.

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