Potter’s Heart Ministry relies on the generosity of others to operate and expand its vision of service to the incarcerated.  We have developed a sponsorship program in order to accommodate the requests we receive from inmates for gift copies of Chaplain Potter’s books.

As a sponsor, you will receive the reward of knowing you have visited Jesus in prison as He commands (Matthew 25:36), and be part of His great commandment to go into all the world and preach the gospel (Matthew 28:19.20).  If it is your desire, Potter’s Heart Ministry will contact you with the name and address of the person or persons we were able to send gift copies to because of your generosity.

Our incarcerated population truly is a nation unto itself, a sub-culture, if you will, and we are told to make disciples and teach them to observe all things He has commanded.  Chaplain Potter’s books will give you the opportunity to do this simply by partnering with Potter’s Heart Ministry and becoming a sponsor.

Every book Chaplain Potter writes presents the gospel giving each reader the opportunity to receive Jesus before moving on to the subject matter within.  We continue to receive letters from inmates that express gratitude for the books, and how reading them has brought them closer to Jesus, subsequently changing their lives.

Please visit our testimonial page to read these encouraging words.

If you would like to donate and become part of Potter’s Heart Ministry sponsorship program, please choose from two options:

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    God bless you!!!

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