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How can I get one of Chaplain Potter’s books into the hands of my loved one or friend who is incarcerated?

You may contact Chaplain Potter directly at lynnpotter222@yahoo.com or phone 803- 372-8271 to request a gift copy.  Please be prepared to furnish the following information…the inmate’s legal name, ID#, the facility’s phone number and address. Please be advised that some facilities do not permit inmates to receive material sent to them by Potter’s Heart Ministry.  We will make every effort to fill your request as long as sponsors are available.

I would like to sponsor a gift book for an inmate. What should I do?

We have two convenient ways for you to sponsor a gift book.  We accept checks and PayPal donations.  Checks can be sent to Potter’s Heart Ministry PO Box 11 York, SC 29745.  PayPal donations are accepted on this website.  The cost of providing one gift book is approximately $10.00.  Any and all donations are a blessing from the Lord.  Potter’s Heart Ministry could not fulfill its mission without the generosity of our sponsors.

I would like to become a pen-pal.  What do I need to do?

Simply fill out and submit the form linked to our pen-pal page.  You will be contacted and paired up with an inmate that has requested a pen-pal.  Please become familiar with our pen-pal tips and follow them for a healthy, safe, rewarding pen-pal experience. 

I would like to invite Chaplain Potter to speak about prison ministry or abortion recovery at my event.

Please contact Chaplain Potter at lynnpotter222@yahoo.com or phone 803-372-8271 to schedule a speaking engagement.