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Mission and Visionary Statement

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Potter’s Heart Ministry is a faith-based organization which exists to be of service to the incarcerated population both nationally and internationally.  We are an organization that sees the great hidden potential of every incarcerated person, and desire to be a part of what God is doing in their lives.

Our founder, Chaplain Lynn Potter has ministered to thousands of inmates over the years and has found that loneliness, and the absence of hope and purpose, are two of the greatest hindrances in unleashing this great hidden potential.

In order to become part of what God is doing behind the walls of incarceration, Potter’s Heart Ministry has formed two very effective ministries that have the power to break down these walls of hindrance, and set people free to be who they were created to be.

Our pen-pal and book distribution ministries have been successful in bringing thousands to the foot of the cross of Jesus by presenting the gospel in ways that are understandable and covered with love.  Both ministries enter the gates of jails, prisons, detention centers, shelters, and youth centers through the mail.

We believe that every person is created by God with gifts and talents that are to be used to glorify Him and serve others.  We believe our incarcerated population has not been forgotten by God and is calling us to remind them of their great worth and help them unleash their hidden potential.

Please visit our talents page to view some of this hidden potential.  You will be totally amazed and blessed…


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